Someone’s wiping out elastic searches and leaving a security firm’s name

Security researcher Bob Diachenko reported a disturbing finding yesterday: someone was wiping out public-facing elastic searches and leaving “” in their place:

By this morning, there were almost 2,300 such instances:

Shodan search results show 2,292 instances of wiped elastic search instances replaces with “”

Vinny Troia, the owner of Night Lion Security, suspects that someone he has accused of being thedarkoverlord, is behind the attack:

and reached out to the Canadian youth Troia’s tweet refers to to ask for his response to Troia’s accusation. There was no immediate response, but it is early morning there. This post will be updated if a response is received.

It’s important to note that although Troia has repeatedly claimed that this youth became the leader of thedarkoverlord and is going to be arrested by the RCMP, there has been no publicly provided proof of either and is not suggesting that Troia is right in his attribution that the youth is TDO or that the youth is responsible for the wiping out of the elastic search data. What is clear from my past chats with the youth, however, is that he felt harassed by Troia and was angry at him. Could he be taking revenge now? It’s possible, but he is not the only person who has felt harassed by Troia and who might seek revenge.

Update: received a reply from the individual Troia alluded to as being responsible. The individual wrote that he respectfully declines to answer any questions from journalists, but added:

If this individual is aware of a crime being committed, then I recommend he reports it to the relevant authorities.Thanks for bringing my attention to this.

Please note that is not naming the individual even though his identity is known to this site. I am not naming him precisely because he has not been arrested nor charged with anything by law enforcement as far as I know, and all we have are Troia’s published allegations that have not been backed up with any hard evidence.

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  1. Vinny Troia - March 26, 2020

    My official report will be out on April 21 following Wyatt’s plea hearing (assuming it is still set for that date, given that courts are currently closed). The report will contain all the evidence you need. I would also suggest reaching out to the RCMP or even the Canadian attorneys (?) responsible for this case and see if you can get a comment on why they have been holding back. You might find that very interesting.

    • Dissent - March 26, 2020

      There is no plea hearing on the docket for Wyatt. April 21 is the court-ordered deadline for pretrial motions. You can check the publicly available docket to confirm that for yourself. What makes you think it would be a plea hearing? And what Canadian attorneys are you referring to — specifically? RCMP never really answers questions of that nature. If you are claiming that RCMP have told YOU something, post it. Otherwise you still have posted no proof.

      And by the way, for someone who objected to being doxxed or outed by Krebs, and claimed it was dangerous, I saw that you used my name in a tweet/thread that I had nothing to do with. You really are a hypocrite.

    • Vinnys Dad - March 26, 2020

      Vinny once again you proven to have no understanding about legal proceedings. First if anything you said was true Canada would not be handling this investigation it would be the FBI. You should ask your Americans why they haven’t extradited anyone else other than Wyatt. Second why so scared? Release your “report” that you have given to every LE already. Oh you won’t cause they laugh at you and have nothing. You wait and wait for something to happen in court to give you some hope but guess what it will never happen. It’s ok vinny go back to your sad little life and move on.

  2. Vnny Troia - March 26, 2020

    You are correct and I apologize for that. I deleted the tweet already though. Please confirm. I was told it was a plea hearing.
    As for the Canadian attorneys, the person not mentioned in this story has an open indictment. There are attorneys listed on the front page. Maybe a prosecutor is a better word. It was listed in French though so hard to make out. RCMP has not told me anything.

    • Vinnys Dad - March 26, 2020

      come on post the “indictment” faggot

  3. Vinny Troi - March 26, 2020

    Also, regarding the “harassment”. I spoke to him about that. At the time, he accused me of calling him and his father repeatedly at his work and home. I never did any such thing. I have not spoken to him since, but I am sure that he now realizes, in light of other events that have happened since then, that I was not the person (or organization) making those phone calls.

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