Sony Italy Hacked, Over 40k Personal Details Leaked

sony Turkish Ajan hacker group has today announced a leak of data from the official Italian Sony website. The announcement has come from the official @TurkishAjan twitter account and was announced a short time ago as a leak of accounts from the Italian based Sony website. > Sony Italy hacked ( ! 40k account leak. File: @HackRead @EHackerNews @Cyber_War_News #sony — TurkishAjan Official (@TurkishAjan) July 12, 2013

The website that has been breached is and appears to be up and running at time of publishing. The leaked data was uploaded to speedyshare and comes in the format of a compressed rar file named Sony which has 2 XLS files in it. The 2 XLS files contain the leaked personal information as well as an log of messages sent by the hacked Sony email system. The personal data leaked is not complete and totals over 41,000 with about 242 of them being duplicated. capture The data contains users full names, addresses, contact phone numbers, ages, genders and emails and clear text passwords. Seeing that big corporations like to leave clear text data on the internet on insecure servers its no wonder that all these peoples personal details have been leaked to the world now.

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