Sony Mobile Hacked, Data Leaked by #NullCrew

Hacker group #NullCrew aka @OfficialNull has just announced a leak of data that has been obtained after they have compromised the database of Sony’s mobile based website (

SONY Hacked: @YourAnonNews @BreakTheSec@TheHackersNews @AnonOpsSweden@AnonHackNews @Cyber_War_News@TruthIzSexy

They announced the leak via twitter and it was posted to pastebin and contains the following statement to Sony in which they claim to have control to a further 8 servers owned by Sony.

Sony, we are dearly dissapointed in your security. This is just one of eight sony servers that we have control of. Maybe, just maybe considering IP addresses are available. Maybe, just maybe it’s the fact that not even your customers can trust you. Or maybe, just maybe the fact that you can not do anything correct technologically

The leak contains administraiton credentails such as usernames and encrypted passwords and a dump of Service user accounts which total just over 440 and contain emails, usernames and encrypted passwords.

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