Sony Pictures hackers release list of allegedly stolen corporate files

And once again, Sony seems to be behind the eight ball when it comes to responding to a hack or claimed hack.

Sean Gallagher reports:

On Monday, employees at Sony Pictures Entertainment—the television and movie subsidiary of Sony Corp.—discovered that their internal corporate network had been hijacked. A message from an individual or group claiming responsibility appeared on corporate systems, pledging to release sensitive corporate data taken from the network by 11pm GMT on Monday.


Meanwhile, at least some of the data that hackers purportedly used to extort Sony has been released—and has been pounced upon by some reddit users who have started to analyze its contents. So far, a reddit thread on the breach claims to have found files containing passwords, files apparently named to provide password hints, copies of the passports of some actors attached to Sony films, and maybe even some pirated movies from companies other than Sony.

There were some questions whether this was a hack at all. So far, all Sony has said is that the company is investigating an “IT issue.”

Read more on Ars Technica, where Gallagher describes the contents of a zip file containing material purportedly stolen from Sony.


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