Jun 192017

Ionut Arghire reports:

South Korean web hosting company Nayana agreed to pay $1 million in Bitcoin after a ransomware attack hit 153 Linux servers.

The attack took place June 10 and resulted in over 3,400 business websites the company hosts being encrypted. According to the Nayana’s initial announcement, the attacker demanded 550 Bitcoins (over $1.6 million) to decrypt the infected files. Following negotiations, they lowered the ransom demand to 397.6 Bitcoins (around $1.01 million).

Read more on SecurityWeek.

  One Response to “South Korean Web Hosting Provider Pays $1 Million to Erebus Ransomware Attackers”

  1. Abit scary to think..
    That someone inside the server section OPENED a non-secure email or program..

    Its also the thought, that the Hackers would rather AIM at servers then At personal computers..

    A program or Script MUST be initiated/RUN to do anything..READING Emails in HTML or many other formats means they are RUNNING when you open them. I PREFER TXT FORMAT ONLY.. And even an Admin Must never install/run Private programs on the servers..GET another computer thats not connected to the server..

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