South San Francisco Embassy Suites Hotel notifying guests of card breach (update2)

If you stayed at the San Francisco Airport- South San Francisco Embassy Suites Hotel in 2013, check your mail for a breach notification letter.

It seems the hotel recently discovered that two computers at their front desk were compromised by skimmers during 2013 and guests’ names, card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV2 codes were captured.

You can read their notification letters here and here.  Given that there are two versions of the notification letter, it appears that for at least some of the hotels’ guests, card data has been missed.

Updated Feb. 13:  The hotel’s notification to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office provides an actual timeframe for the data compromise: June 18, 2013 to September 14, 2013. They do not explain how they first became aware of the breach, nor how many guests, total, were affected.

Update 2: Their notification to Maryland.

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