Spanish football federation reports data stolen by hackers

The Sun reports:

The Spanish football federation (RFEF) said on Thursday it was victim of a hacking attack which resulted in the loss of data belonging to president Luis Rubiales.

General secretary Andreu Camps also had text and audio data stolen, the RFEF said, and the loss had been reported to the police.

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RFEF’s statement can be found at

ESPN reports that data from the attack were provided to an unnamed journalist:

An unnamed journalist warned the RFEF ahead of the publication of such information that his media outlet had been given access to the illegally stolen material from an anonymous source that made contact using an encrypted voice.

“The media outlet in question claimed to have received, through third parties, confidential contracts, private WhatsApp conversations, emails and abundant documents regarding the RFEF management,” the statement added.

Given that there was no mention that there was any ransom demand to RFEF in RFEF’s statement, it may be the attacker is just trying to generate interest in potential buyers of the data or that the attacker just has some grudge against RFEF.

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