spcaLA Hacked and staff, members, customers personal details leaked

This is Operation SPCAwake. We, FutureSec, are calling for the spcaLA President & CEO A.K.A Animal Murderer Madeline Bernstein to step down from her position. Some may remember her from years back when she let her own dog die a horrible death, left inside her car to die from the heat. What a great animal rights activist she is. ** The Mission: ** Shutdown of Website. https://www.spcala.com Below is a mass release of spcaLA Customer/Supporter/Members Names, Emails, Phone Numbers. We are to Mass E-mail/Call as many of their supporters as possible and tell them they support a sick and twisted agency that only cares about the profit and not true Animal Rights. You are to be as discreet as possible for obvious reasons, use the phone blocking code 67 if calling and use an anonymous e-mail address setup by proxy. FutureSec not only cares about human rights, but animals also. They can’t speak for themselves; it’s up to you to help them. So if you’ve ever had an Animal of ANY kind you truly loved, this mission if for you. Oh by the way, @spcaLA you should really look into better security for your website, it’s about as secure as teh lunch box of a 7 year old. The cheap plastic kind. -FutureSec ** #OpSPCAwake* spcaLA Twitter: twitter.com/spcala President/CEO/Animal Killer Twitter: twitter.com/spcaLAPresident Our Twitter: twitter.com/FutureSec https://futuresecnews.blogspot.com/

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