Specialforces.com hacked, Agents accounts details leaked by @Abhaxas

Well, there has been another big dump of email accounts from MANY federal agency’s, police agency’s, the air force and many other places. The attack comes from @Abhaxas. The leak comes from specialforces.com a website shop that specialize’s in tactical equipment and gear  for Military, law enforcements, special forces etc.. The leak contains 18244 accounts, If you take note of the last column you will see that many of them belong to certain agency’s. Most of the accounts have the officers names, emails and passwords and as we have seen in the past many of these officers tend to use the same passwords over and over which makes it easy for people to start digging around a bit further… leak: https://lolanonymous.clanteam.com/LE_leads.txt

About the author: Lee J

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