Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong & China Hacked, Personal Data Leaked

hkolympic-org_ The Chinese and Hong Kong Sports Federation & Olympic Committee website has been breached leaving a load of personal details leaked on the Internet. The attack comes from a hacker using the handle @G3NTbl4ck who has recently been attacking many other sites and leaking data from the databases. The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hon Kong and China is the main website for all its Olympic based sports and events, information, news and the national Olympic committee (NOC) which promotes the events that are featured on the site. > The Amateur Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong was set up in 1950, and it was formally recognized as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1951. On the 8th of March in 1999, it was formally renamed as Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (abbreviated as SF&OC). more

The leak was announced just a short time ago over twitter and posted to > #FuckYouSec | #Hacked | Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong… | @cyber_war_news — #Ag3ntBlack (@G3NTbl4ck) May 19, 2013

The data leaked is a full database from the sites server which contains main and anti doping administration as well as customers of the site, users of the sites voting section and the MySQL server administrator credentials. The users details that have been leaked and are now online contain’s full  names, usernames, email addresses, encrypted passwords and user home addresses as well as other server related information with many of the fields being classes as but still contains a fair amount of personal information. In the leak file is a small note suggesting that the websites creator may loose the site as a customer due to them not having security measures in place to stop these types of leaks.

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