St. Louis University student information containing Social Security numbers found discarded in alley

Ann Rubin reports:

Documents with the personal information of dozens of former St. Louis University students were littered near a dumpster in a back alley. How did they get there and why weren’t they shredded? The university is searching for answers.

NewsChannel 5 received a tip Monday from someone who saw the paperwork discarded late last week and was concerned that it was still lying on the ground.

On each document was the name, address and Social Security number of a former St. Louis University Student. Most look like old library fines for late or lost books, many dating back to the mid-1990s.


The person who found the documents says he called the university on Friday but no one came. Since then, the wind has blown them down the alley.

Read more on KSDK.  The university subsequently issued one of those “we take privacy and security very seriously….” statements but can the public really believe that when someone calls to tell them that papers are exposed and according to the member of the public who found them and made the call, no one came until the media got involved?

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