Stadler’s IT network suffers malware attack

Dev Kundaliya reports:

Swiss rail vehicle construction firm Stadler disclosed last week that its IT network has been hit with malware attack and that cyber crooks are trying to extort money from the company.

In a press release [pdf], the company stated that an unknown group of hackers compromised its computer network and deployed malware in some machines in efforts to exfiltrate data from them.


Stadler’s press statement indicates that the attackers threaten to publicly expose the data if the ransom is not paid, suggesting that we may eventually see their data on one of the websites used by various ransomware teams. At the present time, however, Stadler is not listed on any websites by the Ragnar, Nefilim, Maze, Doppel, or REvil operators. But then, if it is only a few days since they were attacked, the attackers may be giving them time to respond and pay.


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