Stanford University Is Investigating An Apparent Security Breach, Urges Community To Reset Passwords (updated)

Billy Gallagher reports:

Stanford University urged network users to change their passwords late Wednesday evening, explaining that it “is investigating an apparent breach of its information technology infrastructure.”

Randall Livingston, Stanford’s chief financial officer, emailed the entire Stanford community, noting that Stanford does “not yet know the scope of the intrusion.”

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Alerts linked from the university’s home page read:

As a precautionary measure in the wake of an apparent breach in its information technology infrastructure, Stanford University is asking all SUNet ID holders to update their passwords. You can do this by clicking on the “Manage” icon below. In updating your password, you are encouraged to increase its complexity in order to maximize its strength. More information is available on the following pages.

You might notice that the date of your last password change is July 23rd. If this is the case, don’t worry; this was due to a backend change that we made for security purposes. Your password hasn’t been changed.

Update: As of September 23, the university still doesn’t know the full extent and severity of the breach, according to the Stanford Daily.

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