Starbucks victim: ‘I had to beg and plead to get my money back’ — also, new security questions

Kudos to Bob Sullivan for staying on the Starbucks story. Today, he writes:

Ryan Benharris had $200 stolen from his debit card after his Starbucks account was hijacked recently, but that’s not why he was furious at the firm.  He was angry about what happened next.

“I had to beg and plead to get my money back,” he said. “They lied to me…I’m an attorney, and it took me four hours on the phone and six weeks to get a refund.”

As Benharris and a pile of other victims have contacted me with stories of frustration, it appears Starbucks has made a change to its website in light of disclosures last week that criminals were attacking customers and stealing money from their Starbucks-linked bank accounts. More on the change in a moment.


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