State Agency ID Theft May Affect 11,000

The following news report on a breach involving a Connecticut state agency seems to be equating theft of PII with identity theft, a problem we’ve seen all too many times, although there may be cases of ID theft associated with this breach.

On Monday, Office of Policy Management Secretary Robert Genuario announced that as many as 11,000 people may be affected by identity theft at the state agency.

Genuario said that Friday, the Hartford Police Department informed the OPM of an investigation into the theft of the personal information of individuals who took advantage of the furnace rebate programs.


An official said the suspect in the thefts is not an employee of OPM but was a temporary worker assigned to work on the program through a contract with a temporary employment agency.

Read more on WSFB. Hopefully we’ll get more information on this incident, including why no one knew about the data theft until the police contacted them. Did the theft involve paper records or electronic? Lots of questions… no answers yet.

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