State Compensation Insurance Fund notifies claimants of breach

The California State Compensation Insurance Fund has been notifying compensation claimants of a data breach involving one of its service providers.

The state learned of the attack on the system of  Lucy Gomez Blanking Interpreting, Inc. on October 24. They did not disclose when the attack had actually occurred.

Although there was not a lot of detail in their notification, the breach appeared to involve theft of information in email. The types of personal information involved included names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and/or worker’s compensation claim number.

It is not clear from the state’s notification whether the provider had violated any security clauses in the state’s contract with them. While the state says it is working with providers to improve how they protect information, they make no mention of whether information was supposed to be encrypted or not, etc.

Those affected are being offered one year of credit monitoring services through Experian.

LGB Interpreting did not respond to an inquiry sent Wednesday asking for an explanation of the breach and how many claimants were affected.

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