State Employee Accused of Misusing Database

It’s not the first time, but now another Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation employee has been implicated in misusing the state database.

James Nash reports in today’s Columbus Dispatch that Tonya Claborn, a fraud investigator for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, misused confidential state databases to identify the person with whom she had been in an off-duty car accident.  Not surprisingly, perhaps, she is accused of then lying to investigators who were probing the incident.

This was apparently not the first time that Claborn was implicated in misuse of state databases.  According to the news story,  in 2004, she misused state databases to access credit bureau information on her relatives.  There was no indication in the story as to any disciplinary action taken over that incident, but Inspector General Thomas P. Charles has referred the current case to both the Franklin County prosecutor’s office and the Columbus city attorney’s office.

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