Statement from Heartland Payment Systems

Just sent to me by HPS:

Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE: HPY) is pleased to continue our long
relationship with Visa. Heartland is cooperating fully with Visa and other card brands and we are committed to having a safe and secure processing environment. Heartland was certified as PCI-DSS compliant in April 2008 and expects to continue to be assessed as PCI-DSS compliant in the future. We’re undergoing our 2009 PCI-DSS assessment now, which Heartland believes will be complete no later than May 2009 and will result in Heartland, once again, being assessed as PCI-DSS compliant.

At the same time Heartland is committed to promoting additional measures such as end-to-end encryption so that both merchants and cardholders can have the highest possible confidence in the payment card industry’s program for protecting the security of payment card data. This is what they expect and deserve and Heartland intends to be a leading voice in persuading the payment card industry to accept this challenge.

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