Stats: 1,223 arrested for cyber crimes in Uttar Pradesh in 2014

Kapil Dixit of the Times of India reports some statistics for last year for Uttar Pradesh, a state in India that according to Wikipedia, had a population of 204.2 million in 2011:

As many as 94 computer professionals and hackers were arrested in UP on charges of cyber fraud in 2014. In all, 1,223 people were arrested across the state under cyber crime act in 2014, which was more than 103.2% in comparison to 2013. A total of 602 people were arrested in 2013.

The data of National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) revealed that UP had 18.1% share of cases reported under cyber crime during 2014. Moreover, majority of 898 cases lodged across the state under Section 66 A of IT Act were computer related offences. A total of 1,042 cases were lodged under Sections 66 A to 66 E.

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