Still in the dark, but the blog’s getting updated

I’m not in the 1% on wealth.

I’m not in the 47% who reportedly don’t pay federal taxes.

I am, however, among those who still have no power or light thanks to the incompetence and mismanagement of Long Island Power.  I hope Governor Cuomo and my county do something about LIPA’s ignoring our towns for a week or more when they could have gotten us up and running again if they had requested and brought on more crew before the storm hit us here –  instead of waiting until after the storm to request help.

But thanks to some regular readers who emailed me some leads to get me started on updating, I spent this morning at a public library keeping warm and updating this blog,, and PHIprivacy.

Thanks for your help and kind wishes, everyone.  Right now, the fucktards (yes, you heard me) at LIPA are estimating that power will be restored to my street on November 12. November 12???  Another week of this or more?  With another storm moving in this Wednesday?  Seriously, LIPA?  Seriously?

It’s time to #OccupyLIPA or oust the management at the very least.  This is really inexcusable.

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  1. RPS - November 7, 2012

    LIPA has literally been lying to me and my neighbors about dates, promises and “planned” actions…we have a downed tree (since cut and moved by Islip town crew), a broken pole (promised to be replace on Saturday, Nov 2 by two LIPA engineers on site and told directly to the homeowners, then left and NO ONE from LIPA has been back yet (Nov 7); and MULTIPLE Lipa phone staff since making promises to address and answering the same questions with different responses, until finally admitting that there is ZERO crew info given to the masses of Lipa operators speaking with the public..WHAT? Basically, don’t bother callng because they REALLY have NO clue what is going on n the field…PLUS, out of state crews telling my associates that they are waiting for HOURS at a time for Lipa to provide them with assignments..a pattern existing across L.I….this really IS pathetic, and every consumer is completely at the Mercy of who ever is actually handling work assignments from CLIPBOARDS (NOT in any system viewable to the public-facing operators)…what a real disaster…and now, after nearly 10 days with no power and no hope, we are in a Noreaster…can’t wait to LEAVE long Island for good!

    • admin - November 9, 2012

      Have you gotten your power back yet?

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