Still Missing a New Leader, Former OCR Directors, Experts Offer Advice, Task List

Theresa Defino writes:

Issue a final rule revising the privacy regulation and write guidance on the information blocking rule. Formalize the fledgling audit program required by Congress more than 10 years ago. Engage with providers and other HIPAA-regulated entities. And by all means, get cracking.

In a series of interviews with RPP, two former Office for Civil Rights directors and a handful of other HIPAA experts weighed in on the tasks that will be facing the new leader of OCR—that is, once HHS or the administration names him or her. Eight months into its term, the Biden administration had not appointed an OCR director, and it’s unclear when that will change.

Theresa’s report originally appeared in Report on Patient Privacy 21, no. 8 (August, 2021)  You can read it all on JDSupra.

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