STJ would have been a victim of ransomware; Ministry of Health suffers attack

It seems like every week, I am being shown evidence of huge — and I do mean HUGE — data leaks out of two countries:  India and Brazil.  I do not report on most of them.  But I am not surprised to read a news report that Brazilian government agencies have been hit with ransomware.

Felipe Ventura reports on incidents involving the  Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and the Ministry of Health. The following is a Google translation:

Journalist Diego Escosteguy published on his website O Bastidor the message that hackers would have sent to the STJ: “your files are fully encrypted; modifying the name or content of the affected items (* .stj888) can cause restoration failures ”, says the text.

The authors of the message promise to decrypt a small file, up to 900 KB, to prove they have the key. But they warn: “the rest of the data will be available for a fee”.

The complete collection of STJ cases is currently encrypted…..

And then there’s the Ministry of Health:

According to Estadão , the Ministry of Health also suffered a hacker attack at dawn on Thursday. The network was deactivated around 9:30 am, preventing the use of some internal SUS systems and functional e-mail. “Preventively, DataSUS has disabled networks and VPN access,” says an internal message to the servers.

The ministry does not confirm the invasion, saying only that it is investigating an “inconsistency” in the systems, with no deadline to return to work.

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