Stolen Abbott Medical Optic backup tapes put employees and consumers at risk

Employees and customers of Abbott Medical Optics in Santa Ana, California are being notified that their personal information was on backup tapes that were stolen.

On December 29, locked metal boxes containing the backup tapes were stolen from AMO’s Milipitas facility in California. The company informed the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office of the theft on February 1, after sending out notification letters to affected employees on January 29. The disclosure did not indicate how many individuals, total, had personal information on the stolen tapes, but notes that the backup tapes employed security measures that would make them difficult to read.

Personal information on employees included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and financial account numbers used for payroll purposes. In some cases, the tapes also contained visa application information for permission to work in the U.S. and/or “limited medical information related to health benefits or your past voluntary participation in AMO clinical trials.”

The stolen tapes also include information from when AMO was formerly known as Advanced Medical Optics.

Consumers who were affected by the theft are being sent a variant of the letter, although it is not available online at the time of this filing.

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