Stolen Ault Chiropractic Center computers contained patient info

Ault Chiropractic Center in Indiana has notified HHS that computer theft on September 15th affected the PHI of 2,000 patients. There is no notice on their web site as of the time of this posting so I don’t know precisely what types of information were on the stolen and whether there was any encryption or call-home software installed, but in digging into this one, I came across this news coverage from WRBI Radio on Sept. 16:

The Batesville police are investigating a burglary that occurred Tuesday night at Ault Chiropractic on Tekulve Avenue. The burglary is thought to be connected with several others in the county.

The call came in at around 8:15am Wednesday morning when the chiropractic staff noticed several computers were stolen.

The suspects gained entry into the business by prying open a back door.


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