[CORRECTION] Stolen computer from St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare affects 22,012

One that I missed from OCR’s web site during my last update from that site:

St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare
State: California
Approx. # of Individuals Affected: 22,012
Date of Breach: 3/06/10
Type of Breach: Theft
Location of Breached Information: Desktop Computer

Thanks to ITRC for pointing out my omission.

As of the date of this posting, there does not seem to have been any media coverage of the breach and there is no notice on their web site [see CORRECTION below]. If anyone received a notice from them, please let me know what kinds of information were on the computer, or better yet, scan in a copy of the notification and send it to this site: breaches[at]databreaches.net. This is a pretty big breach not to have made the media.

CORRECTION of May 3, 2010: Thanks to the good folks over at www.computersecurity.blogspot.com for letting me know that this incident is the same breach as the one previously listed as St. Jude Heritage Healthcare. St. Jude is part of the St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare system.

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