Stolen computers and hard drives with personal information recovered after break-in at Wheeler & Associates CPA

More than two months after a break-in at Wheeler & Associates CPA, lawyers for the firm have notified the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office of the incident.

According to the letter dated March 8, computers and hard drives stolen during the break-in included names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of an unspecified number of people.  The drives were password-protected and it  “required specialized accounting software” to access the files.  I know, I know.  But wait, because there’s more.

The firm reported the theft to the police  immediately after the January 3 incident, and police were able to recover all of the hardware that had contained personally identifiable information.  Two of the drives, however, had had the data overwritten by new programs and data.  The suspects reportedly informed police that they had never attempted to access the information on the drives and were only interested in reselling the equipment.

The firm indicated that it would be sending notifications to those affected beginning March 9.  Nineteen New Hampshire residents are among those who are receiving notifications.

The letter does not indicate at which of Wheeler & Associates’ offices the break-in occurred, but the firm does have offices in Boca Rotan where the law firm is based.

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