Stolen CS Stars Hard Drive Still Missing

When CS Stars had the misfortune to have two separate data breaches on the same date but three years apart, it may have created some confusion for the good folks over at the Wisconsin Office of Privacy Protection. Their web site summarized the newest incident by reporting that 722,000 individuals had data stolen in the newest incident. Unfortunately, relied on their summary and cited it when I did not get any reply from CS Stars when I attempted to confirm or disconfirm the statements on Wisconsin’s web site.

Wisconsin has since revised their site to now read “an undetermined number of individuals who claimed workers compensation in various states that use CS Stars LLC software to process claims” were affected. But their site still contains erroneous information where it describes the incident by saying, “A portable hard drive was stolen from a CS Stars employee. The hard drive was later retrieved.”

That is only half-correct. An unencrypted portable hard drive was, indeed, stolen from an employee’s vehicle. But it was not been recovered, according to Al Modugno, Corporate Communications for CS Stars. Modugno also stated that 28,000 claimants had personal information on the hard drive that was stolen on May 9 of this year. The company says that “there has been no evidence of compromise.”

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