Stolen laptop held birth data on all Belizeans

I supposed it was inevitable. A country’s entire population has had their birth certificate information stolen — and yes, because a laptop was left in an employee’s car.

Channel 5 in Belize reports:

Police are investigating the theft of a laptop that they fear could result in cases of identity theft. That’s because the stolen computer belongs to the Government of Belize and was issued to the head of the Vital Statistics Unit, Lovina Daniels. It contains confidential birth certificate information for the entire country. Daniels had the laptop in her Toyota Corolla Car, which she parked inside the Princess Hotel and Casino compound on Thursday night at around nine o’clock. But someone broke into the vehicle and took the computer along with a cell phone and the keys to the Vital Statistics Office. No one has been detained but police are working around the clock to find the culprit before the information is used for criminal purposes.

According to Wikipedia, Belize has an estimated population of 320,000.

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