Stolen laptop with patient info returned; no evidence ever powered on

Wow. You don’t see this type of thing too often. Premier Healthcare has an important update to their breach notification of March 3 that affected 206,000 patients. From their statement today:

Missing Premier Healthcare Laptop Recovered

Last week, Premier Healthcare, LLC, a Bloomington, Indiana, based physician-led multispecialty healthcare provider group, reported that a laptop computer had been stolen from its Billing Department at 1180 South Liberty Drive in Bloomington. Premier is pleased to report that the laptop was returned to them in the US mail on or about March 7, 2016. After receiving the laptop, Premier immediately engaged Pondurance, an information security consulting firm that specializes in digital forensics and incident response, to conduct a comprehensive forensic analysis. The forensic analysis indicated that the laptop had not been powered on since it went missing on December 31, 2015. Based on the forensic analysis and other circumstances of this case, there is no evidence that information on the computer was ever accessed causing a breach by any unauthorized third party. Premier continues to investigate the case and has reported this development to the Bloomington Police Department for use in their continuing investigation.

Premier Healthcare is pleased that the computer has been recovered, but realizes that its patients may still have questions about this matter. Patients with questions regarding this incident may contact the information line at 1-877-509-8356 or may send an email to [email protected].

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