Stolen Trade Center Management Associates employee data triggered homeland security concerns

In June,  Trade Center Management Associates  in Washington, D.C. became aware that employee data had been stolen from a TCMA facility.   Employee information on the stolen equipment included names,  SSN, and in some cases, fingerprints.  Among those with data on the device were 284 Maryland residents.

The TCMA  describes itself as a private sector building management and hospitality service provider, “operating in a unique relationship with the General Services Administration, owner of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.”  Maybe because of their relationship with the Ronald Reagan Building and Trade Center, theft of their employee data raises additional concerns.  Attorneys for TCMA notified the Maryland Attorney General’s Office of the breach on July 26 and indicated that when the theft was reported to law enforcement, the Federal Protection Service of the Department of Homeland Security police got involved in the investigation.  They also noted that the investigation had not revealed any evidence to suggest that the purpose of the theft was identity theft or to misuse personal information.

There was no indication as to what security had been in place to protect the employee data prior to the theft.

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