Stolen Williams Cos laptop had worker data

Tulsa World reports:

A Williams Cos. Inc. laptop containing personal and compensation information for more than 4,400 current and former employees was stolen this week, company and police officials said Friday.

The computer contained names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and compensation data for every Williams employee since Jan. 1, 2007, company spokeswoman Julie Gentz said.

The story goes on to mention that a company spokesperson said that, “They are definitely password-protected,” a reassurance that it is not very reassuring by now. Then, too, the story reveals that the laptop was stolen from the passenger seat of an employee’s vehicle that had been left in a parking lot.

On a positive note, the company did notify those affected quickly. The theft was reported to police on Tuesday evening and by Friday, letters had gone out to employees. Their letter also reportedly indicated that unauthorized access is possible, despite the security measures.

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