STRATFOR Email Teaser Expose’s threats

content/images/gallery/antisec12/teaser-2-stratfor-calls-anon-and-wikileaks-hippie-arseholes-pastebin-com_.png STRATFOR suffered massive attacks over Christmas of 2011 and as a result they had to down there network while they figure what had happened to there complete network as it was destroyed by anonymous hackers. In the last few days some "teaser" emails have been leaked from the bunch that the anonymous hackers have obtained and to some surprise these emails are very nasty and hateful which is fairly unprofessional for such a company and its employee’s. One of the emails contains threats of death, hate and other nasty stuff one does not need to know about. In the first teaser contains a bit of a message and what anonymous thinks others will be thinking when they see these release’s.

What people are thinking right now about Stratfor hack: ‘:'( I want my mommy…’ -George Friedman, Stratfor CEO ‘1,2,…3,….what was the next?’ -Ashton Kutcher ‘I’m the One, I’m the messiah, I’m the new SaiBaba, bwahhhahhahh, I’ll dominate the world!!!’-Rupert Murdoch ‘hmm…the new rhetoric of the lulz, a machiavellian pandemonium full of strong sexual references and intensive recalls to Jung’s archetypes. fuck, it’s cold in montreal, I’ll go shopping…’ -Biella Coleman ‘oh shit, I need to think quickly about something to keep the media attention on me…I need attention…I truly need it..’ -Barrett Brown ‘hmmm…I’ll fap to those AntiSec guise whilst Barrett is not looking’ -Emma_A ‘SOPA, no SOPA, SOPA, no SOPA…oh! sweet! coins!’ -President Obama ‘hmm…same trolling shit as usual, I’ll go back to WoW’ -Quinn Norton ‘:3 i want icecream’ -kayla Hi guise. Well, we know all of you are waiting for those Stratfor emails. they ll be online soon, in a fucking lulzy awesome way. meanwhile enjoy this lulzy teaser with us.

So what can we expect from the full releases? will they be anything like these or will they be more informational? Teaser 1: Teaser 2:

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