STRATFOR Events and Effects

The following is a time line of events from the Stratfor attack by Anonymous and related information.

25th Dec 2011 Anonymous attack stratfor. Article 26th Dec 2011 Spending spree of stolen money from Stratfor clients. Article  Load of credit card details leaked from Stratfor clients. Article  Stratfor Exposed as liars in their privacy policy. Article Third Party Security Company hire By Stratfor to help protect clients indents. Article 13,000 further credit card details leaked from Stratfor clients. Articles27th Dec 2011 30,000 further credit card details leaked from stratfor clients. Articles 28th Dec 2011 New Zealand Government speak out about privacy breach from Stratfor. Article Special forces information leaked. Article 30th Dec 2011 Stratfor provide 1 year subscription to identity theft protection service for its effected clients. Article 300,000 Account details leaked from Stratfor database. Article 4th Jan 2012 Stratfor release press release to state they are still fixing server. Article 7th Jan 2012 Stratfor still hacked, emails intercepted and leaked. Article 12th Jan 2012 Stratfor website back online and message to anonymous. Article 17th Jan 2012 Further emails leaked which expose threats within Stratfor . Article 22 Feb 2012 Wikileaks Publish Emails. Article. **9th August 2012 ** Wikileaks publish files about Article1, Article2, Files10th august 2012 Wikileaks comes under heavy ddos attacks for publishing trapwire files. Article

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