Stratfor hack update: Barrett Brown indicted

Barrett Brown, the self-proclaimed spokesperson for Anonymous, was indicted in Tuesday in Dallas.

The newest charges against Brown relate to the use of stolen credit card and personal information from the Stratfor hack in December 2011, and this case is totally separate from other charges he faces for threatening an FBI agent.

The first charge in this week’s indictment is significant, as it seems Brown is being charged for posting a hyperlink to the data dump, thereby allegedly trafficing in stolen authentication features (CVV codes) and making them available to others.  I don’t know if First Amendment lawyers will want to jump into this case, but if posting a link to a data dump can get you brought up on federal charges, a lot of us need to be concerned.

Count 2 concerns access device fraud (possessing stolen credit card numbers and codes), and the remaining counts are for aggravated identity theft.

You can read it all here: Brown_Indictment (pdf, 6 pp.)

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