STRATFOR Hires “leading identity theft protection and monitoring service”

STRATFOR , George Friedman has made another statement via its facebook page that states a few different things. First of all they have stated they have acquired the help of a "Leading identify theft protection and monitoring service" for its clients and that no later then the 28th of this month will all its effected clients be contacted with the services details. On a more interesting point they have also stated that the so called private client list is just a list of clients that paid for a subscription service. One very good strong point comment to the statement is "Why didn’t you encrypt the data? You would think in your industry, this would be the first things you’d do!" content/images/gallery/random2/on-december-24th-an.png Also they have stated they are working closely with authorities, but infact it should really be them who faces any type of penalty’s for lettings this happen in the first place, just like when a oil tank spills at sea…. See the full statement and comments, here

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