STRATFOR Provide one year of CSID’s coverage to Anonymous Hack Victims

STRATFOR, got hacked majorly and the whole world knows that know….unless your totally not with it that is. A few days ago we stated that STRATFOR was going to be offering a years paid support to its effected clients in wake of the massive data leak of all there information. Today STRATFOR Announced via there facebook page, which has been doubling as a way of contact for its clients over the past few days, that it was going to shortly release an email that outlines what is happening on its end, shortly after the email was posted on its facebook page as well. In this they state that they will be providing CSID’s identity protection services for a full year (pretty lame if you ask us) due to there credit card details being leaked/used and other information being leaked as well. They also state that the website will be offline until further notice but you can contact them on [email protected] which really…why would anyone want to or even feel safe about sending these guys a email ever again? anyways they say the site will take up to a week maybe longer but they "assure" its customers its doing everything it can, wait didn’t the say that in there privacy policy? ah well i guess they have there own rules. In wake of the CSID coverage they have released a video explaining it a bit better in details. See all post released to the STRATFOR hack

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