Sunwing president apologizes to stranded passengers, says outage result of cyberattack

Joshua Freeman reports that a Canadian airline’s flights were disrupted after an attack on the firm that provides its check-in system:

“Obviously, this is a terrible situation and one that we didn’t expect,” Sunning CEO Mark Williams told CP24 in an interview. “Certainly apologize to everyone for the inconvenience this has caused.

By Tuesday, it was the third consecutive day of disruptions, although around 21 flights were able to take off by Tuesday evening, with others rescheduled for today (Wednesday).

“Our third-party systems provider, Airline Choice, continues to work with the relevant authorities to find a resolution to the system issue as soon as possible,” the statement from the airline notes. “In the meantime, while we continue to process flights manually, additional flight delays can be expected and customers are advised to sign up for flight alerts on”

Sunwing is the only Canadian airline using Airline Choice, but other Airline Choice clients have also been impacted. Airlines and airports contracted with Airline Choice can be found on the firm’s website.

Read more at CP24.

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