SUNY Geneseo student to face hacker in court two years after explicit photos were leaked

Carla Rogner reports:

Natalie Claus is looking forward to graduating from SUNY Geneseo in December, but first she is focusing on another date on her calendar.

On Wednesday, Claus will face a stranger in court, David Mondore, who hacked her snapchat account in December 2019 and sent an explicit photo saved in her private folder to 116 of her snapchat contacts with the caption, “Flash me back if we are besties”. Four of her contacts sent back a nude photo of their own.


Prosecutors say Mondore hacked into about 300 accounts between July 2018 and when he was arrested in August 2020. Claus will be the only one to offer a victim impact statement in court.

“I wanted to speak at his sentencing because I think it is easy for people to assume it is a victimless crime. He didn’t break into my house, mug me or do anything to physically harm me but that doesn’t make it victimless,” Claus said. “I am a person, there is a person on the other side of that screen attached to that account.”

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Can we all just take a moment to give this young woman the respect she deserves for speaking up, not only to advocate for herself, but to increase public awareness.

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