Super Bowl Website hacked and massive amount of data leaked by Anonymous

content/images/gallery/random3/super-bowl-website-hacked-dumped-by-agent_anon-pastebin-com_.png An Anonymous hacker going by the handle of @Agentanonhacker has hacked the super bowl website and dumped a huge amount of data. In the first part of the release they explain this happened due to boredom and all the hype going on around this years super bowl.

Greeting everyone! I was feeling a bit bored, and since everyone is talking about the Super Bowl, I figured I’d hack the official Super Bowl website. Why? Like I said, I’m bored, and for the lulz, I guess. Enjoy!

The first part of the leak was dumped 2 days ago and yesterday came all the accounts from people who have signed up to the site The first part of the leak contains the vun that was found and used and a bunch of files that are not meant to be so public. the second part of the leak contains user accounts and personal details. all together there is about 10 admin accounts and 2,016 user accounts that have been leaked.

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