‘SuperCasino’ Breached by Hackers and Customer Info Leaked

Bill Toulas reports:

The online gambling platform is known as ‘SuperCasino’ has experienced a data breach that exposed sensitive information belonging to its customers. The incident came to light after several registered users received an email from SuperCasino which informed them about the leak. The organization claims that the people’s financial details such as credit cards, payment information, and any other documents that were uploaded in the context of the user identity authentication have not been accessed by the hackers. The same applies to the user passwords that have apparently remained uncompromised.

Read more on TechNadu.  After reading their notification, I realized that it wasn’t clear exactly what happened here:  was this a hack, a rogue employee, or a data leak due to an error that some researcher stumbled across?  DataBreaches.net sent an inquiry to them to ask for clarification on that, but did not receive any reply yet. This post will be updated when a response is received.

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