Superintendent sheds more light on system breach

The Leominster schools superintendent revealed more details about the recent ransomware attack that resulted in them paying a $10,000 ransom to get a decryption key from the attackers. Peter Jasinski reports:

…. According to Deacon, the attack, which took place on the night of April 14, had affected 25 computer systems, 13 servers, and 11 desktop computers. The infection froze district staff out of accessing their emails, the district’s websites, and the payment system for student lunches, but also all health services, library services, management services, and help desk services. The district’s back-up services, which would hold copies of the files being held for ransom, was also impacted.

“We were truly held captive,” said Deacon. “Since back-up services were also affected, files which we might have been able to restore from were also encrypted and, in effect, rendered useless.”

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