SuperValu renews link with LoyaltyBuild

Caroline O’Doherty reports:

SuperValu has resumed its leisure breaks scheme with the company that lost the personal details of more than 60,000 of its customers.

The supermarket chain got back into business with Loyaltybuild after what it described as “a long period of consultation, during which Loyaltybuild made a significant investment updating its security features to the highest possible standards”.

Loyaltybuild said it had spent more than €500,000 upgrading its computer systems since the breach and now had the “gold standard in global security regulations”.

The company has also advertised for a certified ethical hacker — a systems analyst with specialist training in legally breaking into computer systems — to help find weak spots in its IT security.

Read more on Irish Examiner.

SuperValu was just one of LoyaltyBuild’s customers affected by the hack. Total numbers for their breach were estimated at over 500,000. See previous coverage on this blog.

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