Suzuki, JEEP, Fiat hacked, defaced by Over-X & Invectus

suzuki-co_-in_ Two hackers using the handles Over-X & Invectus have attacked more automotive based website and left them defaced. Eairler we reported on the australian honda site that ws attacked and defaced to and now it has come to light that another one, automovite site that is has fallen to hackers. The website that have been attack are the Indoneisia based suzuki site, Israeli and Republic of Macedonia Fiat Websites as well as multiple subdomains from the French based JEEP website All websites have been defaced as a result of the hack and the following short message on a index.html page that hs been uploaded to the server. > >>>>> Over-X & Invectus <<<<< For peace and safety What protection do you think .? Algeria will continue and will not stop to fight the enemies Because our religion is Islam ————– Over-X ————- Contact: [email protected] Thnx: Kha&miX

At time of publishing the websites were still defaced but a mirror can be found on zone-h

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