Symantec names the 100 “Dirtiest” websites of the summer

In an effort to determine which sites are safe to visit, security, storage and systems management solutions provider Symantec ( has identified the “Dirtiest websites of Summer 2009,” a list of the 100 most threatening sites that try to deceive visitors, steal their information or crash their computer.


Malware is the most common threat represented on the Dirty list, followed by security risks and browser exploits. Simply visiting one of these sites, without downloading or clicking on anything could put visitors at risk of exposing their computer to infection, or putting personal and financial information into the hands of cybercriminals. To give a sense of the scale of the threat these sites pose: the average number of threats per malicious site rated by Norton Safe Web is 23, however, the average number of threats on the Dirty website list is a staggering 18,000 per site.

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