Syria Virtual University Hacked, Student Logins leaked

svu-logoHacker collective Gsec aka Grey Security has been absent from the scene over the past few weeks only to return with a dump of information from Syria Virtual University ( The attack has been announced via twitter on the main @gsec_ account with a link to leaked information posted on pastebin.

Grey Security ‏@gsec_ Intelligent Student Information Systems,Syria. – #Dumped #GSec- @Cyber_War_News @OzDataCenta @OfficialNull

The leaked information contains student and staff login credentials but has been censored and is a incomplete dump as Gsec explains in the release message.

This database leak, isn’t for any specific reason, nor an operation. This was done, just to prove one simple point, there is no such thing as security. But, simply because I’m a dick. Only email and usernames will be leaked, LOL. So, enjoy the lulz and stay tuned.

At the end of the leak file comes another short hint that there is a bigger leak coming some time soon.

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