Syrian refugees’ data stolen from council worker day before Clydebank arrival

Tristan Stewart-Robinson reports on a small-N breach with potentially huge consequences for those affected:

A list of the names of Syrian refugees and their new addresses in Clydebank was stolen one day before they were moved to the town, The Post can reveal.

Some of the most vulnerable families in the world, fleeing the ravages of war, could have been put at further risk by the data breach.


Police Scotland confirmed between noon on November 21 last year and 11am on November 22, an insecure vehicle belonging to a council employee was broken into in Beith, Ayrshire. A laptop bag was taken including an encrypted computer and a piece of paper with names and addresses.

It is understood these details were of Syrian families, and 10 families were moved into Clydebank on November 23.

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