T-mobile Hacked Again and Data leaked with more to come from @Chriss10011

content/images/gallery/random3/t-mobile-big-dance-leaked-pastebin-com_.png @Chriss10011 has hacked and leaked data from t-mobile. Now its not the first time this year we have seen them hacked and im sure it wont be the last time either. This time the website that was hacked is The Big Dance website. This time its resulted in so far said to be "the secret organizers Id’s,Addresses,And more." All accounts in the current leak  have encrypted passwords and emails. There is also this message at the end of the release which states there is more to come soon.

We have more info on the Site follow @Chriss10011 if you want me to release the other half, It has the vounteers which can change the info of the site which can lead to a Defacement. This leak was brought to you by @Chriss10011 from TheAdipiscing and #Lulzr00t Look what T-Mobile has done, it has already been Leaked and HaCked by Teamp0isoN and now we are finishing the deed, There will be no comeback. Your shit iz Belong to us

This makes us angry that such big websites do not secure there stuff before they go live, they all just seem to be worried about getting all these services out there to make an extra buck. https://pastebin.com/szVEdBRz

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