tacp.com (Toshiba) database leaks

Fairly new dump on pastebin, which is a huge dump of emails and passwords, these come from tacp.com which is a part of Toshiba also @neatstuffs has been on a leak streak again with 3 within the last few hours. First comes from schoolbookawards.org , just a basic leak nothing big. Second leak is feorno.org, once again nothing to big. Third is nationalbrassbandchampionships.com which is a fair big database dump.

neatstuffs Lulz Bus New release from nationalbrassbandchampionships.com:pastebin.com/8bVZY0Qx

neatstuffs Lulz Bus Here’s what I got from avescanoras.org: pastebin.com/6m50cPtJ

neatstuffs Lulz Bus Nothing good in this release: pastebin.com/5dAJrH31 4 hours ago

Also @Phsy has re-leaked the most military FTP list again. > stramble Phsy  pastebin.com/pg1qYhyQ hear it is again to whoever reported to pastebin, we are unstoppable!, 😀 #Phsy

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