TAD Gear hacked, customer data misused

TAD Gear has posted a notice on its web site at tadgear.com:

This notice is to inform our customers of a security incident at TAD Gear. We recently learned that our database was illegally accessed from an external source, and it appears that some customer data were taken, which may include customer names, contact information and credit card data. The possibility of a security breach came to our attention when certain customers notified us that unauthorized charges had appeared on their credit cards. Upon learning of the potential breach of security, TAD Gear immediately initiated an investigation, and took corrective steps based on the advice of an internet security firm. We have also contacted law enforcement.

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  1. deanditto - November 21, 2009

    They did NOT immediately initiate an investigation, not did they immediatley take corrective steps. My data was comprimised on 06 November, I notified them on 10 November and they clearly state in the email the comprimise period goes all the way to November 16th. I provided them a description of what I believed to be the problem but from their emails it appears that it took them almost a week to plug the hole.

  2. deanditto - November 21, 2009

    If anyone has questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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