Taken to the Cleaners

Joan Goodchild reports:

Earlier this month, CSO reported on a worldwide recall on several hardware-encrypted USB sticks from multiple vendors because they contain a flaw which could allow hackers to easily gain access to the sensitive information contained on the device. With the quality of security questionable in many USB drives, it would stand to reason that losing any stick carrying sensitive information now carries even higher stakes. With that in mind, have you checked your pockets? A survey released today out of the U.K. reveals that in the last year, 4,500 memory sticks have been forgotten in people’s pockets as they take their clothes to be washed at the local dry cleaners.

The survey was carried out in the UK by British security firm Credant Technologies to gauge the frequency and ease with which mobile devices, such as memory sticks, are lost or forgotten in strange places such as dry cleaners, taxis and other commonly visited locations.

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